Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Day of August Vent

So you like the "I HAVE A DREAM" speach? Thats good, listen. He did not say drop out of school, have 10 kids before you reach 24, live off the taxpayers. What he said was get off your lazy butts and make something out of your life. Maybe time to listen?

Wow. Atlanta, GA has two zoos now. One at Grant Park and the other at city hall.

Clayton County, GA loses SACS accreditation and the first thing some of the parents do is take their kids out of school? You gotta be kidding me. That says far more about the parents than the school board.

If the NAACP was taken to task everytime they make a racist comment, this practice would quickly come to a grinding halt. The political leaders continue to do it as they see no public uprising from their leaders. Look at Jess Jacksons comments and racial slurs on Osama Obama?

So teachers in Texas are now carrying guns. This would never happen elsewhere; not because people are against guns, but they're afraid the teachers will actually have to use them.

When the college coaches are out scouting for new talent, are they performing background checks on potential college athletes? I guess not since so many are getting in trouble with the law.

Is it just me or did Hillary look like a big construction cone the other night? Geez! We could have seen her in the dark!

There's a local company that posted job listings 6 months ago for an immediate hire date. As of today those same job postings are still available. Are these companies trying to fill these positions or is it a ploy to make the economy not as bad as it seems?

Translation of the Price-Waterhouse Grady Hospital report: There's no free lunch. If someone doesn't start paying for the health care services they receive, nobody will receive any service because the hospital will close.

Ah, yes, It's college football season; that time when the dream of your team winning the national championship hasn't yet been ruined by the lunacy that is the BCS or the losers at ESPN or ABC Sports.

I appreciate the Immigration Service finally earning their pay by raiding companies that employ illegal aliens. I encourage them to pick up the pace.

Florida has gotten 24-plus inches of rain in some areas. Maybe now we can stop emptying Lake Lanier of the water we have left.

My friend's daughter is now away at college, but before she left complained that I was using offensive four letter words in her presence. Words like work, earn and save.


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