Thursday, August 14, 2008

Political Thoughts & Notes

A biting criticism and a harsh indictment of the things that are, but due for a change.

People have applauded House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi's backbone in shutting down the house and not allowing a vote on dissolving the moratorium on drilling. They are led to believe that this is Pelosi's stand on the environment. However, she couldn't care less about the environment. Instead, she is reaping the financial benefits of investing in T. Boone Pickens' alternative energy company. She is no different from a Republican: lots of money, despises the opposing political party and full of conflicts of interest.

It is sad what I see going on in Georgia. I don't blame Russia; the U.S. has been guilty of the same. The U.S., Russia and Georgia all share equally in the blame game. So what are they doing to fix things? The U.S. being allied with Georgia can be at the negotiating table, but should keep its mouth shut. The diplomatic and ambassador corp has been in place too long without fresh blood. These same people have been employed since Nixon, some since Kennedy. They are arrogant, outdated and unwanted by this country. Thanks for your service, go live on Maui. Meanwhile, as always, the governed suffer over the stupid of the governing.

Doesn't it seem unusual that Russia had a very large force ready to go at a moments notice? Giving Russian passports to Georgian citizens is the same tactic Hitler used in giving German passports to Czech citizens of German descent in 1937. It was just a ploy to legitimize protecting a "minority" that wasn't in jeopardy in the first place. When will we start learning from history instead of failing to learn history in the first place?

The U.S. is run by three politically corrupt organizations: the Democrats and the Republicans. If you do not see this, please refrain from taking your ignorant butt to the polls. Republicans buy votes through businesses and industry - they love the money. Democrats buy votes through social programs, which is why the two main characters (Obama and Clinton) want more social programs for illegal aliens. Apparently these two fascists forgot the meaning of the word ILLEGAL. This is why they do nothing about immigration, aliens, border control: more votes. Republicans are no different: cheap labor. And name one or two things Obama has actually, well, done. Change? Obama for change? It's the same effing rhetoric every slick politician spews. He has not enough experience to implement change. And McCain flip-flops as much as Obama. Clinton, well she's just power hungry. We already know she's greedy as the pope. We have such traitors and worms, total bums in our leadership..... The third organization is the media. The media will only the bums and traitors only if their rating books increase. The media lacks the concept and the conviction of being good loyal Americans. They couldn't define the First Amendment if their bottom lines depended on it.

John McCain announced his running mate as Tom Ridge, former Director of Homeland Security. Same faces, same crap. McCain is a toad. Ridge left his U.S. Government position to become the Director of Security for Albania. Ridge is a toadstool.

George W. Bush is not a Reagan or a Goldwater Conservative. He isn't even a Republican. He's a Neocon. Like Clinton, like Obama, like McCain, the country will continue to have another piece of its soul sold to the higher interest of greed, paranoia, and powerful. And any president who mugs for the cameras while at the Olympics while holding the effing American flag backwards needs to have an effing cactus shoved up his orifice.

So who to vote for to get this country back on target: traditional values, security but not at the expense of fear and loathing and tyranny, freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of speech (the Fairness Doctrine is a hoax), true, God's honest freedom, before your soul is sold to the devil and you and your family are carried off to a concentration camp, regardless of whether you have paid your high taxes or not......the lesser of two evil in the election........I'm thinking about buying land in Australia at the end of this year....


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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Gee, Walter, why don't I light a cigarette and you tell me how you really feel. ;)

Don't know that that land of Down Under will be much better, although they're far away enough from the nukes if STHF. Good post, and so were the ones that proceeded it.