Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday Night/Saturday Morning Ramblings

Every once in while, I like to treat myself. Sometimes, it isn't the treat(s) that make you smile and make you laugh, but the surprises along the way.

It was a typical long ass Friday - up at 4:00am, home by 7:00pm. I took an hour riding my cycle up and down along the Ocmulgee River Trail that stretches a good 2.5 miles end-to-end. By the time I got home, I was spent. Called dad to talk about politics: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a fake and got mail from the RNC (Republican National Convention) begging for more money. But more on all that in future posts.

So I flaked out on the bed with the fan on and thought about dinner.

I thought, "It's treat night!"

Time to spend some money and have some stupid fun before the dollar collapses. So I headed to the shower, got dressed - black Izod golf shirt, khaki shorts, Bass boat shoes - and headed to Longhorn since I was dying for a steak with mashed potatoes. On the way, I called & talked to Sara, the hostess at Longhorn to confirm whether or not I needed a reservation - after all, it was Friday night.

"How many in your party, Walter?"

"Just me", I said. "I'm taking myself out on a date."

Sara gave a pregnant pause, "Oh, then no problem seating you when you get in."

"Okay, see ya in a few." Trying not to sound pathetic. It was really the first time going out to dinner since my deflating breakup in late June.

I found a parking spot and zoomed right in and headed for the door. I got seated in seconds flat, at a table near the bar where the other relationship losers were dining, staring at the TV. The opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics were on, so that was cool. I made my order, then was served quickly and left in peace to eat. Wow, that steak was good.

While I was eating, a REALLY attractive blonde in shorts walked to the bar, ordered takeout and a beer to nurse until then. I tried not to notice, I mean, one never wants to seem "obvious." So I was partially transfixed on the ceremony complete with the flying closed caption. You know, you look down to eat, you miss a lot of text!

I noticed the blonde was looking right at me when I looked up toward the bar and it's double TVs. I smiled and looked away at the other TV like I was comparing views, as if it made any difference. The fact is every time I looked in her direction, she was looking at me; not over my head, not in some general direction kind of look; AT ME.

To make a long story short, as she was leaving, she put her name and number on my table. Also written on the napkin were these words: "Nice guys don't eat by themselves on a Friday night. Call me if you have dinner alone again." Did I look THAT pathetic?

I starred at the note, then smiled and put it in my wallet. The steak seemed to be more tender, the tea tasted sweeter than before. I continued watching the games until I finished, and signed the check.

I knew I'd be heading to Wal-Mart before the night was over. It was inevitable. I don't like Wally World. It's customer service is more like customer no-service, hard to find help there, and If I DO get a shot at finding someone who gives a rat's ass, it's hard to talk to them without laughing. The white, red neck Southerner stereotype: they ain't got no teeth or really anything that one would call a tooth. Sounds of "Deliverance" banjos and the Confederate Battle Flag dancing in my head. I'm a Southerner so I can say this about them, God forgive me.

Anyway, I make a beeline to the movie section. I think I have the largest DVD movie collection this side of the Chattahoochee River and I just added another $112 worth with the late Heath Ledger Triple Feature (A Knight's Tale, Lords of Dogtown, and The Patriot), The Star Wars Trilogy, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (I already have White Castle), The Riddock Trilogy starring Vin Diesel and finally the Star Trek TNG Legacy Interactive PC Game. I'm not much for gaming - too couch potatoie for me, but I like the battle scenarios as much as I enjoy the challenges of anything SIM-related.

Which leads me to this moment in time. All in all a great treatful ending in many ways to cap off a busy, heavy, but great week. Like tonight, life is a journey. Enjoy the ride. What a treat!

See you for the weekend posts!


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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

For heaven's sake, Walter, call her! If you're checking her out and she's checking you out, there's a mutual attraction there.

Well, maybe by now you have. If you've lost her number, be there for the next few Fridays and maybe you'll see her again, and have a reason to approach her.

Heh, heh, and maybe she can spell 'Georgia'.