Sunday, August 10, 2008

American Weekend: A 360 Photoessay

Brad Hill soars above the clouds over Arlington, Wash., in his 325 lb. Apis-13 sailplane. Hill, who has been soaring for close to 30 years, describes cross-country gliding as "a game of aerial chess with the elements." With no motor to keep him air born, Hill must jump from cloud to cloud, using thermals, or columns of warm rising air, to lift the plane and prevent gravity from pulling him back down to earth. (Andy Rogers/Seattle)

Morning sunlight shines on the Abby of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery in Conyers, Georgia. The site was built 65 years ago with plans from the first Abby of the Cistercian order built in the 4th Century in France. (DD/Atlanta)

Ellen Fein and Lance Houpt enjoy a laugh as they leave their wedding reception in New York. (John Marshal Mantel/NYC)

Zoey Bear looks frazzled while being costumed by Carolyn Graham of Farmersville, Texas, before the 23rd Annual Pooch Parade in Lee Park, Dallas. This was Graham's fifth time taking part in the event.

When trying to explain the sport of cricket, you can point out its similarities to baseball. Bats, balls and highest score wins. There are even fantasy cricket leagues. But nobody has ever scored 501 runs in an inning in baseball. Aficionados of the ancient sport are playing at Dodge Park in Omaha, Nebraska where Batsman Vikram Singh of North Dakota State University waits for the ball from Omaha Cricket Club bowler Jatin Khurana. Swarit Agarwal, the OCC wicket keeper, watches intently at left. (Kent Sievers/Omaha)

A guest at "Experience the Beauty of Art," a reception at The Residence at SouthPark luxury apartments, samples one of the delicious hors d'oeuvres from M5 restaurant. (Olivia Fortson/Charlette, NC)

A chunk of ice spreading across 7 square miles (18 square kilometers) breaks off a Canadian ice shelf in the artic. (Sam Soja/AP)


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