Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weird News Headlines & Links....

God Accused Of Selling Coke Near Church

Police say a man named God was arrested near a Tampa church for selling cocaine.

Bra Supports Search Effort In German Alps

An American hiker stranded for nearly three days was rescued after using her undergarment as a signal, police say.

Customer Just Got In His Hair

Ex-restaurant cook guilty of food-tampering charge alleging he inserted hairs in a steak before giving it to a dissatisfied customer.

It's Incredible: Hulk Gets Abducted

Police in Lowell, Mass., say a promotional statue for the movie "The Incredible Hulk" disappeared from its spot in front of a local theater.

My, What A Charmin' Wedding Dress

My, What A Charmin' Wedding Dress

Katrina Chalifoux wins Charmin and's national contest with a garment made from toilet paper.

Homage For Enemas Really Hits The Spot

Homage For Enemas Really Hits The Spot

An 800-pound bronze monument shaped like a syringe bulb has been unveiled at a spa in the Caucasus Mountain region, which is known for spas that administer enemas.

At Least Give Him Points For Showing Up

Parolee complied with the law when he reported to an officer shortly after his release from prison. However, he showed up in a stolen car.

Gerbil's Escape Blamed For Accident

Police say a teen driver who lost control of her car while scrambling to capture her pet wasn't cited for a crash that hurt two people.

Renters Clean Down To The Bare Bones

Philly police say some students who moved out of an apartment near the University of Pennsylvania left a human skull on kitchen county.

Hello Again To Japanese Roots

Hello Again To Japanese Roots

Japan's most famous feline is rediscovering its cultural roots through new products, thanks to tourists flocking to the country who want souvenirs not available back home.

Still Need To Follow Letter Of The Law

Court rules against a woman who claimed a phobia of official letters in her appeal of authorities' decision to cut off child support benefits.

Try to Slither Out Of This One

Police in Bridgeport, Conn., say they arrested a man after he ordered his 9-foot-long python to attack two officers.


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