Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Buzz

So we worry about lethal injection being inhumane for a murderer, but don’t consider the murderer’s victim(s) and how inhumanely they died. Personally, I think the crime should be re-enacted upon the perpetrator.

Use less water or we run out, use more water or we will charge you for using less. Are these people crazy?!!

No, your BMW does not give you the right to drive an inch off my bumper going through Macon, especially when I’m already going 12mph over the speed limit. Do it again and I’ll turn it into a trailer hitch ornament!

The price of gas is too much when it costs more to go to work than you get paid.

Does anyone else feel like they are being robbed each time we fill up our tanks, no matter what we drive? There is no way the cost of producing the oil is going up this fast.

Do those women from that ranch in Texas remind anyone else of those creepy Stepford Wives?

All the NAACP sees is black and white - they ignore facts and they call us racists for saying it.

Perfume or cologne should be worn in a way that you smell pleasant to someone close to you. Not so you leave noxious clouds in elevators.

Third graders arrested in plot to kill teacher? Maybe a good old fashioned paddling by the principal would fit the crime. Worked for me.

I know a bus driver in Bibb County who's been one long enough to know that some of your children are not the future we were all hoping for.

Dear Georgia Legislators: If you are so certain that your consituents, the sheeple of Georgia, are “too conservative” to vote in favor of Sunday package sales, why not put it on the ballot? Besides, how does MY buying alcohol on Sundays interfere with YOU keeping Sunday holy?

I think there are a lot of adults today who could use a swift kick in the rear rather than more government assistance.

I thought a village was only supposed to have one idiot. How did Macon manage to find so many…and put them into office?


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