Saturday, April 5, 2008

360 Briefs and Notes

The Return Of Planet-X
["And the name of the star was Wormwood”...Revelations 8:11]

If you like parallels between what is happening before us in the 21st Century and Bible Prophecy, then I suggest you take a look at and

For some time now, researcher Dr. Jaysen Rand has been discussing the arrival of Planet X, an object he said is somewhere in size between Saturn and Earth's moon. The body, which may be part of a brown dwarf star, is due to swing our way between 2009 and 2012, possibly in two passes, he detailed. Rand had just returned from Russia, where he met with Col. Marina Popovich and her ex-husband General Pavel Popovich, both of whom he said were aware of the coming of Planet X and its potential destructive consequences.

According to Dr. Rand, we can expect the intensifying of bad weather - the current Midwest flooding will get worse. This will be followed by earthquakes that could take apart major West Coast cities, he added. Planet X is probably pushing and pulling a debris field along with it, which could cause further problems such as dislodging asteroids, stated Rand. He believes that Planet X is the same as Wormwood, written about in the Book of Revelation. Further, he said the 3rd Secret of Fatima warned of a "giant pestilence that comes from heaven" that would cripple and destroy the papacy.

2008 G-Day: Offense tops Defense 17-3
ATHENS, GA – The University of Georgia football team held its annual G-Day spring game Saturday, April 5, at Sanford Stadium. The Red team, representing the first-team offense and second-team defense, defeated the Black team by a 17-3 score. Despite the rain, the game drew a crowd of 19,874 and benefited the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens.

“I really enjoyed today,” said
Georgia head coach Mark Richt. “I’m thankful the awful looking skies held out and allowed the game to be played well. It looks like we have some well-conditioned, good-looking athletes. They played hard, they competed and the coaches were great as well. I truly appreciate the fans who braved the forecast. All around it was just a very good day.” Throughout the spring, through mat drills and practices we have shown good mental toughness,” said Richt. “The players’ attitude and demeanor is where we need it to be. Now it’s time for the seniors and our leaders to take over until camp. The coaches can’t go and watch them practice so the players need to continue to progress.”

The Bulldogs open up the 2008 regular season August 30 in Athens as they take on Georgia Southern.

Civilization in Decline
The Pentagon revealed that, yes, it did mistakenly send four fuses for nuclear missiles to Taiwan when it meant to send helicopter batteries, but, second, not to worry, because
it caught the error, er, 18 months later, but still . . .

So there’s a brain-damaged truck-crash victim who can’t even remember that her son was just killed in Iraq and who wins $1M from the trucker, and first the lawyers, etc., suck out $580k of that, leaving $417k, and then Wal-Mart stockholders suck that out, since she was covered under Wal-Mart’s health-insurance plan,
whose fine print says she has to give up insurance payouts.

The AP found an “ultimate fighting” club in Carthage, Mo., with 11 kids ages 6-14 (including a girl) that couldn’t be prouder to live in the only state that lets kids be cage fighters . . . . . The NY Times yesterday revealed that a 22-yr-old CEO of a Pentagon contractor, operating out of a nondescript Miami Beach office, has done over $300m worth of business providing munitions for the Afghanistan gov’t, representing a humongous profit because nearly all the munitions were old, expired, obsolete relics discarded by other countries, and furthermore, some were from China, which would be illegal, and of course, the Pentagon was all shoulder shrugs about it until Times reporters came along (Bonus: CEO was carrying a forged driver’s license and had a domestic stay away order against him) . . . . . Berlin Zoo came under fire because exotic animals seem to vanish without a trace, and a Green Party pol said it’s because the Zoo had become overpopulated (to increase attendance, since the public loves cute little critters) and is now forced to sell surplus to abattoirs and researchers.

The drug war is so bad in Palomas, Mexico, that the police chief ducked across the border to Columbus, N.Mex., for asylum, but the war’s bad there, too, e.g., armed robbers recently commandeered a dentist’s office
while the mayor was getting a root canal . . . . . With 114 “underperforming” schools to take care of, the Massachusetts Board of Education spent parts of more than three recent meetings concentrating on, er, looking for a sweeter word than “underperforming” . . . . . Nigeria, land of major-league scams, gets all wussy: cheating in a fishing tournament . . . . . Leading Economic Indicator: Among the fire-sale real estate on the market in Grand Rapids, Mich.: the headquarters building of the Home & Building Ass’n of Greater Grand Rapids . . . . . What century are we in? The U.S. Supreme Court had to reverse a state court judge in Louisiana who kept a jury all-white (judging a black murder defendant) by "excusing" a black student from the jury because he didn’t want the poor guy to miss any classes, but he kept a white self-employed contractor with a sick wife.

This week's customer no-service award.....
goes to Quark Xpress, once the industry leader for desktop publishing software. They have outsourced their customer (no) service and tech (no) support department to such an extent, that it is nearly impossible to carry on an end-user conversation. Other week's customer no service losers include the Atlanta Braves and The Home Depot just for being so misguided and focused on the bottom line to the point that they forgot why they're in the business in the first place. Still in perennial losership is
WMAC 940 AM.

Biggest Loser of the Week:
Floridian Frank Singleton, released from jail after a misdemeanor trespassing charge, walked out to the parking lot and tried to jack a car, and
that one is a felony (Bonus: He was arrested at the scene, slowed down because the car was a stick-shift, which he couldn't drive.)


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