Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Ponderings

It can’t be the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther Kings’ assassination coming up, because that would make me..... Oh, my gosh!

I forgot what I said on the phone yesterday. Can I get a transcript from Homeland Security?

If Delta is going to announce an inaugural direct flight to a communist country, I would rather go to Havana than Shanghai.

Note to self: wait until after getting my food to argue with cook or server.

All the electricity I didn’t use during Earth Hour was negated by TV coverage of Earth Hour.

Just because there were a few snow flakes coming down does not mean we had a snow storm. Some of you news media personnel need a real swift kick in the butt!

Dear Neighbors: now that Easter has come and gone could you please take down your Christmas decorations?

When Margaret Mitchell wrote “Gone With The Wind” I wonder if she knew a tornado was coming to downtown Atlanta one day?

The morality of buying beer vs. buying lottery tickets is a matter of harming yourself by wasting your money or harming others by driving drunk.

When are area car dealers going to start selling pollen colored cars?

Only in Henry County, GA could you find a school billboard that has April spelled Apiril.


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