Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Ponderances

To say doing jail time for driving without a license unfairly targets illegal immigrants, is like saying doing jail time for robbing a bank unfairly targets criminals.

Atlanta was a disaster area long before the tornado, thanks to self-serving politicians.

Birds chirping, flowers blooming; can the sound of flip-flops be far behind?

Why even bother having these “adopt a road” programs? Most of you drive like you own them already.

Parents…instead of wondering why your child is shot for attempted robbery, find out beforehand WHY they are carrying a gun and robbing people.

No matter what Dunkin Donuts store I go to, when I order a medium black coffee, the clerk always asks, “Do you want cream and sugar in that”?

People should be able to buy whatever they want, but they shouldn’t expect responsible taxpayers to bail them out when they’re houses are about to be foreclosed.

People with their pants hanging to their ankles are much dumber than people with their hats turned backwards.

There’s a difference between a recession and people buying beyond their means.

If the HGTV Dreamhome winner lacked enthusiasm, its probably because his prize came with a bill for $600,000 in taxes.

Hey WMAC, forget trying to promote your program director on-air. Try getting a real news director.

Hey STAR 94, can you get some morning DJ’s that actually talk about Atlanta instead of some Yankee City. Who cares about Detroit or Buffalo!

I am not an advocate of suicide, but if you feel the need please don’t include anyone else in the act.

Anyone else in favor of an amendment to include “none of the above” on the November ballots?


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