Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thoughts on My Faith

When you become a Christian, God’s own Spirit lives within you, and heaven becomes a part of your life here and now. All of this begins with a radiant relationship with Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t simply a destination, it’s a continuous journey with God. And life is not to be divided into a life today on earth and life tomorrow in heaven. We are already citizens of eternity.

I have felt God’s presence in this world. I have seen God’s hand at work in my own life, bringing people and circumstances together in a way I never could have engineered or imagined. When I see God’s power at work, I know that heaven is here right now - an intrinsic part of the world God created. Knowing Jesus opens my spirit and my understanding to see and participate in heaven in my daily life; knowing Jesus makes the ordinary extraordinary.

Having a heavenly perspective now is like standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon. Rafting the Colorado River in the steep inner gorge of the canyon, you often can’t see what’s around the next bend, much less where the river is going. But from a vantage point above on the rim, you can see glimpses of the river’s course. Flying over the canyon at 30,000 feet, you can easily follow the river as it flows from north to south.

When we’re on the river of daily life, with the rush of rapids ahead and the walls of circumstances closing in on us, it’s hard to see where the river is taking us. But having a heavenly perspective now, like standing on the rim, lifts me up to see something of God’s direction and purpose in my life (revealing His truths and His will). This gives me courage, faith and the power to steer my thoughts and actions toward Him. I can actually run the river effectively, wisely and joyfully now, knowing that one day I’ll fly above and see the whole course of my life with new understanding.


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