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Huge Frog Was Eating Machine

With an armored head and a mammoth 16-inch body, it wasn't quite the frog prince. Scientists have discovered the remains of what might have been the largest and fattest frog ever to have lived on Earth. A team of researchers unearthed the fossilized frog in Madagascar. Dating from about 65 million to 70 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period, the frog is 3.5 inches longer than the largest living frog, the goliath frog of West Africa.

The scientists named the creature Beelzebufo ampinga, or "devil frog," because its incredible size, frightening appearance and predatory nature made them call it "the frog from hell," said Stony Brook University paleontologist David Krause, who led the team that discovered it.

Fierce predators

"They are just these big round blobs, basically all mouth and stomach," Krause told LiveScience. "They were sit-and-wait, ambush predators."

They didn't have very long legs, so they probably didn't hop around much. It was more likely they would let prey come to them. The scientists think they feasted on smaller frogs, lizards and mice.

"When you consider its size, I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that it could have consumed some hatchling dinosaurs," Krause said. The largest living frog on Madagascar today, at just over 4 inches long, "would have been a nice hors d'oeuvre for Beelzebufo."

The discovery will be reported on-line this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Land bridge

Krause collaborated with frog experts Susan Evans, lead author of the PNAS article, and Marc Jones of the University College London, to find the ancient frog's closest living relatives. They were surprised to discover that Beelzebufo is very closely related to a family of modern frogs living in South America called Ceratophrys, or "pac-man" frogs, because of their huge mouths.

"The finding presents a real puzzle biogeographically, particularly because of the poor fossil record of frogs on southern continents," Krause said. "We're asking ourselves, ‘What's a South American frog doing half-way around the world, in Madagascar?'"

The discovery may provide direct evidence that Madagascar, the large island off Africa's southeast coast, was once linked by land to South America.

The frogs could not have swum between the two, because they rely on freshwater and can't live in saltwater. Scientists can't rule out the chance that they traveled across the ocean on some kind of float, "but it's sort of impossible to believe that they rafted from South AmericaMadagascar," Krouse said. to

The researchers think there was probably a bridge between the two places, possibly the land that would become Africa or Antarctica. The trouble is, so far the frog fossils found in AfricaSouth America or Madagascar, and paleontologists have found very few frog fossils in Antarctica. are not closely linked to those found in either

The scientists previously suspected a link between Madagascar and South America because they found closely related fossils of Cretaceous animals, including dinosaurs, in both places. The new discovery supports this hypothesis by providing the first evidence of a creature that once lived in Madagascar that has living relatives in South America.

Longest Accelerator Probes Tiniest Particles
A tour of the Stanford Linear Accelerator.

The skunk ape
Florida's answer to the abominable snowman.

Robot Plumbs Lake
On Way To Jovian Moon
A polar-style, under-ice exploration may have out-of-this world applications. --ScienceDaily

DA's office finds cache of JFK memorabilia
The batch includes a suspect transcript of a conversation between Oswald and Ruby. --Dallas Morning News

Inside America's Satellite-Killing Missile
The weapon the Pentagon wants to use to shoot down a failing satellite has one weakness. --Danger Room

Real life Ghost Busters
Is Mansfield home haunted?
--Mansfield News Journal

An 'Invisibility Cloak' For Sound?
Theoretical device could mask sound in 3-D.
--Duke University News

Child-Man in the Promised Land
Today's single young men hang out in a hormonal limbo between adolescence and adulthood.
--City Journal

I have Alice In Wonderland Syndrome
A man writes of a strange neurological condition which affects his visual perception.

Five Sci-Fi Scenarios That Will Come True
In the next 25 years, technological advances made famous in movies and on TV will become reality.
--PC World

HIV can 'never be cured'
AIDS virus thwarts even the best drugs by hiding in the gut. --Nature

Third right foot discovered in Gulf Islands
Three severed right feet have washed ashore on the
Gulf Islands in the past six months.

First order for pet dog cloning
A South Korean company says it has taken its first order for the cloning of a pet dog. --BBC News

Does faith healing really work?
After years of tortuous pain, Ailsa Marsh was stunned when a spiritual healer banished her suffering in an instant. --News Monster

Identical twins not as identical as believed
Contrary to our previous beliefs, identical twins are not genetically identical.

Ghosts of University Park Campus
There apparently are plenty of ghosts to be had at
Penn State's University Park campus. --Centre Daily Times

First multiple planet system found by microlensing
The newly discovered system has less massive versions of Jupiter and Saturn. --New Scientist

Scientists Scan Striking Nanoscale Images
Gallery of photos from scanning probe microscopes.

Map shows toll on world's oceans
Only about 4% of the world's oceans remain undamaged by human activity. --BBC News

Teleportation and Wormholes
The science behind the new movie 'Jumper.' --LiveScience

High-Tech Lockup
Inside 4 next-gen prison security systems.
--Popular Mechanics

Titan's surface organics surpass Earth
Saturn�s orange moon has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth.

Conspiracy Theories and Cut InterTube Cables
Did the Israelis or the
US sever the intertubes providing Iran with internet access? --Earthfiles

Ear-Piercing Sirens Used to Drive Teens Away
'Mosquito' device emits high-frequency noise which is audible to young ears. --AP

Druid Grave Unearthed in U.K.?
A series of graves found in a gravel quarry have been dated to 40-60 A.D. --Discovery News

Barnacles Reach Out To Valentines
Barnacles are stuck to rocks, which presents a challenge for mating. --Scientific American

The End of Aging?
Inside the new hunt for a cure to growing old.
--Popular Mechanics

Organic molecules found on exoplanet for 1st time
Detection offers hope that one day astronomers will be able to analyze the atmospheres of Earth-like worlds.
--New Scientist

UFO spotted over foggy car park?
A freelance photographer captured something unusual in
Portsmouth, UK.

Great Seal Secrets Revealed!
Myths surrounding one of
America's oldest and most enduring national symbols are about to be debunked.

Meet the world's smallest bodybuilder. --Daily Mail

Navy Research Paper: 'Disrupt Economies'
A research project calls for creating man-made floods and droughts to disrupt an enemy state.
--Danger Room

Law Officers Describe Shape-Shifting UFO
An interview with a
Dublin, Texas constable.

Makeover for Europe's Mars robot
ESA's ExoMars rover is scheduled to launch in 2013.
--BBC News

Ghostly Receptors
Seldom are the odd parallels between ghosts and UFOs given their due. --Fate Magazine

Loch Ness monster quest nears end
Robert Rines believed there were at least two Nessies alive in the murky depths of Loch Ness.
--Boston Globe

Reporter on Texas UFO case leaves newspaper
Steve Hammons comments on the integrity of local and national news media. --American Chronicle

UC Davis Tackles Legend Of Chupacabra
California scientists test mysterious DNA.
--CBS 13,

Have You Seen This Dog? Only With Telepathy
Animal psychics claim to communicate with missing dog.
--New York Times

Shootings Shatter Gender Barrier
Loren Coleman examines the changing pattern of school shootings. --Copycat Effect

Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat
Almost all biofuels used today cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels.
--New York Times

Ghost attacked me, says spooked Alba
Actress Jessica Alba says she was attacked by a ghost when she was 17.

3D television 'a reality within five years'
A true 3D TV that does not depend on wearing glasses could be demonstrated within five years.

Shake a leg to power your phone
Electricity can be produced using the mechanics of human walking. --Nature

The world's first time machine?
Tunnel to the past could open door to future within three months, say Russians. --Daily Mail

UFO sightings on the rise
The number of UFO sightings in
Britain soared by 40% last year. --Ananova

Wildlife expert tries to back his belief in Bigfoot
Call it what you like -- Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, the Abominable Snowman -- it's out there, says Larry Battson. --Chicago Tribune

Company sequences man's genome cheaply
Critics question accuracy and US$100,000 price tag.

Welcome to the Turbulent Year of the Rat
The new Chinese year could see a build-up of international tensions, & natural and air disasters. --AFP

Son of Concorde
New hypersonic airliner will fly to
Australia in just over four hours. --Daily Mail

10 Sci-Fi Techs We Could Build...
If they weren't so damn expensive. --Gadget Lab

Mysterious Symbols Projected in Night Sky
Incident involved an aerial disc near
Stephenville, Texas.

Scientists Create See-Through Fish
Technique makes studying disease processes easier.

The long quest for life on Mars
Something about Mars has always captured the imagination. --BBC News

Cosmic Finger Taps Our Galaxy's Shoulder
A giant gas finger has hooked into the starry disk of the Milky Way.

A Medical Mystery Unfolds in Minnesota
Officials are trying to figure out why workers at a meat plant were stricken with a strange neurological illness.
--New York Times

UFO witness claims harassment
Texan believes military officials have been harassing him by flying aircraft over his property.
--Stephenville Empire-Tribune

One Embryo from Three Parents
Genetically modified embryos may be answer to deadly disease. --ABC News

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in peace
The guru who introduced the Beatles to transcendental meditation has died at his home in the
--The Guardian

Witnesses in Texas Saw Large Rectangles in Sky
New drawings and testimony emerges from January sighting. --Earthfiles

High-Tech Weaponry at Las Vegas Gun Show
Gallery includes automatic rifles, fiber-optic sights, designer pepper spray. --Wired

Blind Man 'Sees'
With Charles Bonnet syndrome, people who lose sight start seeing things (with audio). --NPR

Luminous UFO Lands in Mexico
Flashes were emitted for over 30 hours, causing alarm among the locals. --Inexplicata

Sniffling mouse could unlock cold cure
The breakthrough means it should now be easier to test new cold remedies. --AFP

Dutch unveil robot to fill car gas tank
A robotic arm fitted with multiple sensors extends from a regular gas pump. --Reuters

Archaeologist Finds Ancient Nasca Iron Ore Mine
Discovery in
Peru shows how civilizations before the Inca Empire were mining. --Science Daily

Acid House smiley face found on Mars
The vast visage stares out from a crater.
--The Telegraph

Ayahuasca: A Strange Brew
Can a psychotropic jungle potion cure the existential angst of the McMansion set? --Los Angeles Times

After Accident Woman Finds Cow In Car
Cow lands in back seat (w/photos & video).

Conspiracy theories emerge after net cables cut
Is information warfare to blame for the damage to underwater internet cables?

Solar Eclipse Mostly for Penguins
On Feb. 7 the sun will undergo an eclipse that few will see.

The Worst Building in the History of Mankind
It's the Ryugyong Hotel in
North Korea, where the world's 22nd largest skyscraper has been vacant for two decades. --Esquire

'Electricity Woman with amazing powers'
Debbie Wolf claims she causes lights to flicker when she gets stressed. --Daily Mail

Navy Tests Incredible Sci-Fi Weapon
The railgun will fire a projectile more than 230 miles with a muzzle velocity 7 times the speed of sound.

Scientists create 'no tears' onions
Scientists in
New Zealand and Japan have created a "tear-free" onion.

Bouts of hysteria after 'ghostly sightings'
Some 200 students are convinced they saw ghosts flying around their school. --NST Online

Researchers make tiny radio from nanotubes
Nanotechnology advances could lead to faster devices.

Tamiflu-Resistant Flu in U.S. and Canada
Mutant strain threatens to breach first line of pandemic defense. --Reuters

Blind golfer hits hole-in-one
A 92-year-old blind golfer has hit a hole-in-one in
Florida. --Ananova

China plans to halt rain for Beijing Olympics
'Weather modification' team will manipulate the clouds in summer to try to keep the open-air stadium dry.
--Los Angeles Times

Anti-smoking drug may be tied to suicide risks
FDA: Connection between Chantix, psychiatric problems 'increasingly likely'. --AP

Norway in UFO photos
Major research paper available on UFO Photographs in
Norway. --forgetomori

'Bizarre' new mammal discovered
The creature is a type of giant elephant shrew.
--BBC News

Blue eyes result of ancient genetic 'mutation'
Scientists believe they have tracked down the cause of the eye color of all blue-eyed humans. --The Telegraph

US drought 'man-made' says study
Water shortages gripping the western US are the result of global warming. --New Scientist

Bat Deaths in NY, Vt. Baffle Experts
Bats are dying off by the thousands as they hibernate in caves and mines. --AP

Green eggs, hold the ham
A chicken in
Mexico has gained fame for being able to lay green eggs (video). --Reuters

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