Monday, January 1, 2007

360 Degrees Mission Statement

This blog will be a a journalistic blog covering anything and everything.

Its topics and subjects are intended to keep the reader informed of news of an ever-changing world; vigilant of the news that directly affects them; entertained by features and articles.

While we do not compete with large news organizations and media outlets, we will always present a different prospective on the news and events that shape the nation, the world - specifically art, music, science, history, sports, Conservative views, exposing Liberals, politics & economics, faith & religion, family, human character & values, travel, the media, reporting the strange, bizarre, & unknown.

We will never post a story or jump to conclusions on a story or news event unless we have enough facts for a final post. If we speculate, it will be noted as such, rather than stating as if proven fact. We will check our sources and double check, then check again.

We believe that with every freedom comes responsibility; this is no more evident than the Freedom of Speech.

While we will most always present our Conservative viewpoint, we will always call out when and where this political ideology has missed its mark and will always call out elected officials - no matter their political affiliation.

Most of all and just as important: we will work hard and have fun doing it!

360 Degrees content is Copyright © 2007-2010 by 360 Degrees Blog Publishing/Tara Broadcasting, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia and Mount Vernon, Georgia. All Rights Reserved. The opinions expressed and news reported are solely the opinions of and news gathered by 360 Degrees blog and its staffers, unless otherwise credited. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of blog sponsors, its affiliates or subscribers.

360 Degrees is the sole property of 360 Degrees Blog Publishing and Tara Broadcasting, Inc. , a licensed commercial venture in Georgia, U.S.A. under a blind trust, with transaction filed with the appropriate governing authorities August 10, 2009.

We always reserve the right to modify this Mission Statement at our discretion.